According to Webster –

The word ECONOMY signifies, ” The efficient and sparing use of the means available for the end proposed; frugality in expenditures.” In other words, getting the most for your money. All of which leads us to the name of our company… E-KONOMY POOL SERVICE & SUPPLIES. We spell it a little kooky, but it means the same. If you want the most for your pool dollar in terms of service and supplies, we’re your kind of people. We don’t give away our products, or work for nothing; but believe me, what you pay for YOU GET!

We are strictly in the business of SERVICE to swimming pool owners. “Service we’re proud of” is more than just a slogan with us; it is a way of life. If we can’t do the job right at a reasonable price, it can’t be done. Any time you need a product or service for your pool, give us a call. That’s our only reason for being here.

-Mary Chancey 1961

Everyone at E-Konomy Pool Service & Supplies truly cares about our customers and their pools.

We promise to give you Service Beyond Your Expectations.

Even if you’re here for the price, we know you’ll be back for the quality and service.