Pool Repair

Repair or update your pool system! E-Konomy Pool Service & Supplies can fix or repair any problem. There is no job too big or too small. E-Konomy Pool Service & Supplies can take care of it all!

For Pool Service, Pool & Spa Repairs, & Pool Renovations, call (520) 325-6427.

For Pool Equipment, Pool Supplies, & Spa Sales, call (520) 325-6427.

Did you know we also install…

  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Heaters
  • Pool Controllers
  • Chemical Automation
  • Salt Generators
  • Solar Blankets & Reels
  • And more!

Questions about our Pool Repair services? Click here to send us an email and we will be happy to contact you!

Pool Renovations


Need a complete equipment update? Does your plaster and deck need repair? Does your tile look dull?

E-Konomy Pool Service & Supplies can do it all! We give Free Estimates. Just give us a call and one of our associates can help plan a pool rejuvenation that’s right for you.

We also provide the following:

  • Plaster Repair
  • Tile Replacement
  • Deck Texture Repair & Coating
  • Leak Repair
  • Underground Repairs
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Auto-fill Valve Repair
  • Auto-fill installation
  • Skimmer/Cleaner installation or replacement
  • Handrail/Ladder Installation

E-Konomy Pool Service & Supplies provides all the necessary services for turning an old, washed-out pool into a sparkling gem guaranteed to impress anyone.